The Aerospace Student Challenge 2009/2010

L'incontournable projet étudiant

In partnership with great European participants in aeronautical and space sectors:

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WP4 – Cabin layout (except electronic devices)


Propose an arrangement for the cabin of the manned suborbital vehicle taking into account the ergonomics and flight safety specifications for this kind of mission during the different phases of the trajectory. (Do not study the seat, but use previous works realised during past exercises of the Challenge) Note that electronic devices such as IFE (In Flight Entertainment) are not part of this work package.



Address one of the following topics:

  1. Suppose that passengers are not attached on their seat during the weightlessness phase, study the cabin layout (location of seats, wall protection, possibility of handles, grips …) for their comfort and safety,
  2. Study of Flight safety and associated equipment (cabin pressurization, life support systems, ejection systems ...).


Caracteristiques_generales-DefiGeneral characteristics of reference vehicles:
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Become Ambassadors for the Challenge

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With the agreement of their teaching institution, teams (two to five students) can apply online, on this website, to work on one of the 11 Work Packages proposed by the Challenge. These projects can be led completely autonomously ...


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The Challenge aims to European college students.
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