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Challenge News

# 24/10/16 -Testimony of the Seat Dream team (Estia – Bidart) awarded by the ESA Grand Prix at the 14th Reinventing Space (London – 24 to 27/10/16)

Alexandre DAGUERRE

The Student Aerospace Challenge was for me an extremely rewarding experience. Indeed, it allowed me to significantly increase my knowledge in project management and team.

It was a pleasure and a huge challenge to embark on this adventure, which enriched me technically and scientifically, and also on the field of communication and the human.

As a member of the winning team of the Grand Prix ESA 2015, we had the honor to present our project at the 14th Reinventing Space Conference in London. The people we met at the conference this week in the Royal Society, have really impacted my point of view, and they have, more than ever, raised me awareness of the issues of transportation and suborbital space.

I have grown as an individual from this experience and full of projects for my future career.

Again thank you to the Aerospace Challenge, for this opportunity


Many thanks all of organization committee’s members of The Student Aerospace Challenge and of The ESA offering us the opportunity to present our study at The 14th Reinventing Space Conference. This is a dreamed event to be informed about several major space projects which will build up the world of tomorrow. We had a chance to meet professionals encouraging entrepreneurship in a nice setting.

Winning the Grand Prix ESA is the achievement of two years of work fulfilled thanks to a strong core of passionate students from ESTIA that I’d like to congratulate among of us having win the Prix DASSAULT this year. Thanks to The Student Aerospace Challenge, we have expressed our common aspiration to take part in challenges of aviation and of aerospace and our implication to solve the current issues.

Indeed, Space tourism is far from utopian, our vision of space is expanding each year and this phenomenon is exponential. Space remains impressive but the desire to go and meet it is stronger than all. The Human is able to take up challenges. It’s in the spirit that we wish to work for the democratization of Space.

So you should join the suborbital adventure and you should use your passion and your aspiration by attending The Student Aerospace Challenge. This is a free ticket for a trip you will never forget!

Alexandre MILLOT

The student aerospace challenge has been a tremendous opportunity to implement a concrete and innovative project, a structuring experience fostering creativity and imagination.

Space conquest and technological prowess have paved the way for a promising line of business where everyone can imagine traveling in low orbit. Access to space, until then very selective, will undoubtedly concern a large public. This aspect immediately aroused our interest and oriented the work of our team towards the conditions of a trip open to Physically Challenged People.

Two years of hard work were rewarded with the ESA Grand Prix and by an invitation to the 14th Reinventing Space Conference in London, a flagship event dedicated to the fields of new technologies and low cost in space, perfectly suited to our purpose and our innovative approach.

The Student Aerospace Challenge and ESA allowed us to immerse ourselves in the heart of the issues, strategies and projects that will revolutionize the world of tomorrow. An exciting experience, highly instructive and full of encounters, which will have increased my motivation to continue on this path, closer to the stars…


# 28/10/15 -The team awarded by the ESA Grand Prix at the ELGRA symposium

Medicosmos Team

During the ELGRA symposium, we met many people; some have told us that the ELGRA has helped them to build their careers. As far as we are concerned, these few days in Corfu may have helped guiding our own, insofar as some of us seriously think of getting involved in research. Besides, the whole team is now very motivated to fly an experiment on parabolic flights. There is no reason we stop in such a good way!

Jérémy Rabineau :

I am glad I could have taken part in the Student Aerospace Challenge, because it brings a new twist to my aerospace engineering training. I consider this as my first experience in the field of manned spaceflights and their medical aspects and I would like to orientate my career toward this latter field. It has been a great opportunity to win the Grand Prix of ESA because in addition to taking part in the “Suborbital Day”, we have been invited to the Bourget Air Show and the ELGRA Symposium. During each of these events, I have met fascinating people (students as well as scientists) that I would like to thank, because they strengthened my career choices.

Willy Bonneuil :

The Student Aerospace Challenge allowed me to carry out a large-scale project in a field that particularly appeals to me: the medical aspects of spaceflight. Winning the Grand Prix of ESA provided us with several new prospects; through the major stakeholders of space industry and policy we met at the Bourget air show, and through the scientists and students whom we presented our poster at the ELGRA symposium. Discussions with them were very enriching and could lead to going deeper into our work…

Tristan Cosculluela :

A few lines to bring down the curtain on this experience are very few to express the pleasure we had to work together on this project. Dreamers, we mentioned the possibility of final victory but it was a huge surprise to receive the Grand Prix of ESA. For me who did not know much about the world of space research, it was a very rewarding discovery. In addition to take place in an exceptional environment with remarkable people, the ELGRA Congress allowed us to get an insight into the scientific world itself and to make a first presentation work in front of a qualified audience. This stay will remain in my memory for long, unless one day being supplanted, who knows, by a suborbital flight, medically monitored of course...

Natacha Benmesbah :

Taking part in the Student Aerospace Challenge, winning the Grand Prix of ESA and finally attending both the Paris Air Show and the ELGRA Congress are experiences that only a few medical students have lived. Being a member of Team Medicosmos has been a great opportunity. Indeed, for me Medicosmos means exchanges, debates and especially meeting students from other fields to run a common project. Thanks to this I met talented people from many different backgrounds but all passionate about one thing: space.


# 07/24/15 - Results 2014 - 2015.

# 13/11/14 -Arts & O’Space team : from Challenge to International Astronautical Congress in Toronto

We are six students from Arts & Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM), engineering college. Three of us were in Lille, and three in Bordeaux-Talence. We have been working on the work package “cabin layout of a suborbital vehicle for space tourism”. Our study was based on the passenger’s experience. In particular, the team from Lille has conceived some personal devices for the passenger: intelligent spacesuit, interface, safety, divertissements, and communication. The team from Bordeaux has conceived a seat, which performs some passive orientation depending on the acceleration. It can be folded during the micro-gravity phase, to release some volume in the cabin.

Alan Demoulin

Participating to the student aerospace challenge was a wonderful experience. I particularly enjoyed the freedom offered by the different Work-Packages, which allows students to build their own projects, regardless of their field or their desires. Thanks to this liberty, we were working hours on a problematic which passionate us. I had the chance to practice my project management skills by overseeing the development team of the seat. This experience combining technical skills and human skills was as exciting as it was enriching. Winning the grand prize of ESA materialize all the involvement and time we spent on this project, the pleasure is immense, especially when the other teams are this motivated by the competition. We thank the organizers of the Challenge offering us the opportunity to confront yourself to a space problem as well as for the quality of the award; participate to the Astronautical Congress in Toronto is not an experience that we are going to forget!

Adrien Fève

The Student Aerospace Challenge was for me an extremely rewarding experience, both in terms of technical aspects and project management. I participated twice, my first participation allowed me to understand the expectations of the Jury and my second to push up the study of a proposed Work-Package. As a member of the Grand Prix ESA 2014 winning team, I can say that the people I met both at the Challenge and at the IAC in Toronto have taught me many things in the field of suborbital transportation and space and will for sure have a significant impact on my future career.

Pierre Grassart

This edition of the Student Aerospace Challenge helped us, me and the members of the team, to deepen our knowledge in the field of aerospace engineering, and thus work on a subject that fascinated us all. The freedom offered by the different Work-Package really allows to focus on things that motivate the student, without never being limited. This trip to Toronto was for me a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field of aerospace attending by many conferences, but also to meet students from around the world and discover their cultures. I recommend to all enthusiastic students or simply amateur of aerospace to participate to the Student Aerospace Challenge as it is a unique opportunity to push the limits while implementing the skills gained during our studies.

Nicolas Merlinge

The aerospace challenge is a wonderful opportunity for students. It allows us to deal with many fascinating issues. Furthermore, it makes it possible to meet the most important aerospace companies in Europe. It is a key challenge when you aim to work on aerospace issues. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet students from other activity sectors, such as spatial law. And when you are awarded a prize for your work, you remember it for years, especially when you participate in the International Astronautical Congress... In Toronto, we were allowed to speak in small grup with the highest levels of the space agencies : Charles Bolden, head of NASA, Jean-Jacques Dordain, head of ESA, Johann-Dietrich Wörner, head of DLR, to name but a few. So we had a incomparable overwiew of the aerospace current issues. A unique experience !

Cyprien Moreauw

Our participation to the aerospace challenge taught us a lot, and gave us contacts and opportunities. To me, it made me passionate in aerospace although I was not in the beginning. During the challenge, we worked on an interesting and concrete project together with industrials who evaluated and gave us tips on our project. The IAC was one of the most thrilling experience I have ever lived, everyone was open-minded and interesting. The ISEB student program was awesome and led us the unforgettable meetings. To sum this up, the challenge already changed my expectations for my professional life and also gave me one of my best student-professional experience.

Maxime Noray

The participation in 2014 Student Aerospace Challenge for me was an exciting contest although time consuming. We had hours allocated by our school of Arts & Métiers ParisTech but it was insufficient, as the excitement we had was enormous. Once arrived to the "Suborbital Day" at Le Bourget, we attended high quality presentations with speakers passionate about the topic. The price of ESA that we won put us into orbit, as the emotion was intense for the whole team. We participated in the IAC in October 2014 which took place in Toronto as members of ISEB (International Student Education Board) sponsored by ESA. It was a great opportinity to meet other students from all around the world, perfect to discover new cultures and our future collaborators in the area of space that is a very small world (only 30 000 people in Europe). We also met members of ESA, NASA, CSA, JAXA, KARI, VSSEC ... that surprised me for the passion they have for this field as well as good accessibility although they have high positions, like Mr Donald G. James (Head of Education Board at NASA), Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Head of ESA Policies Dpt.), and many others. In short, a unique experience!

On behalf of the entire team Arts & O'Space winner of the 2014 Grand Prix ESA Student Aerospace Challenge, we want to thank the organizers of the Challenge and the ESA Member for giving us this great opportunity.



The team awarded by the Grand Prix Esa with the other students invited at IAC 2014 in Toronto.

ensam-toronto-2014# 10/09/14 - The ENSAM team awarded by the Grand Prix Esa 2014 at the 65th IAC in Toronto.
Last week, the Ensam students presented their study concerning the cabin layout of a manned suborbital vehicle. This presentation held in the presence of other foreigner students and with the support of Esa.

# 18/09/14 - The application to participate in 9th Student Aerospace Challenge (2014/2015) will be open on October 1st, 2014.

# 07/01/14 - Results 2013 - 2014.

# 12/16/13 - The new deadline for the application procedure is set on January 15th, 2014.

# 11/20/13 - Grand Earth team of the 7th exercise participated at the Festival des Etoiles et des Ailes.
The students of Enac presented their spaceport project during a conference organized by the space the Space Tourism European Institute, at the Cité de l’Espace (Toulouse) on November 17th, 2013. The Enac team intends to carry on more works to better define some aspects of infrastructures dedicated to suborbital flights.

# 10/29/13 - Message from Ensam team awarded by the Grand Prix Esa
If only we could go back!
During our trip, we met outstanding European students with whom we represented the European Space Agency (ESA) sponsored-students delegation. Part of our mission as recipients of the Student Aerospace Challenge Grand Prix involved our participation in the ISEB (International Student Education Board) panel, a diverse and engaging group of students sponsored by the other world's space agencies. The availability of the heads of agency made this trip an incredibly rewarding experience! What else should we add about this year's IAC location which allowed us to discover all the intensity of the Chinese culture? So inspiring!
You can be the next winners of the Student Aerospace Challenge... Apply now!

# 10/28/13 - Successful participation of the Ensam team at the 64th IAC in Beijing !


The Ensam team awarded by the Grand Prix Esa with other European students and Mr Hugo Marée from Esa (Head of Education and Knowledge Management Office) at the Great Wall near Beijing.


The Ensam team awarded by the Grand Prix Esa with Mr Jean-Jacques Dordain, the Director General of the Esa in IAC exhibition (Beijing).

# 09/26/13 - The application to participate in 8th Student Aerospace Challenge (2013/2014) will be open on October 1st, 2013.

# 09/25/13 - This afternoon, the Ensam team awarded by Grand Prix Esa presented their suborbital spaceport project to the space community during a student poster session in IAC.

# 09/19/13 - The first winners of Grand Prix ESA began their trip to Beijing with a stop over in ESTEC to visit ESA facilities in Holland and to meet the other selected students for IAC 2013.

# 07/01/13 - Results 2012 - 2013.

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