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In partnership with great European participants in aeronautical and space sectors:

ACE3_arianegroup4_da_logotype_gris4_esa_logo_solid_dark_blueGifasMusée de l'Air et de l'Espace 



Logo Gifas

French aerospace industries association.

Keys figures

  • 265 firms members
  • 32 milliards (75 % export)
  • 132.000 employees in France.



  • Claude BRESSON – Human resources manager
  • Philippe DUJARIC – Deputy director of the human resources.


GIFAS, the French aerospace industries association, has 265 members, from major prime contractors’ and system suppliers to small specialist companies. They cover the full spectrum of skills form the design development an production of aerospace systems and equipment to maintenance and operation.

Activities extend from civil and military aircraft and helicopters to engines, missiles and armament, satellites and launch vehicles, plus aerospace, defense and security major systems, equipment, subassemblies and associated software.

The analysis and defence of the industry’s interests is a key GIFAS mission.

GIFAS critically examines any economic, social, financial, environmental and technical regulations likely to affect its members’ general interests whether proposed at French, Europeanor international level. This work covers the Europe of Defense, R&D, transatlantic relations, SME support, international intelligence, public markets, environment and sustainable development, security, certifications and standards, tax, risk prevention and insurances, information on careers an training in partnership with the education system.

Jobs, careers and training in aerospace indutries : www.aeroemploiformation.com

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News of the Challenge

How to take part?

With the agreement of their teaching institution, teams (two to five students) can apply online, on this website, to work on one of the 10 Work Packages proposed by the Challenge. These projects can be led completely autonomously ...


Who can apply to the Challenge?

The Challenge aims to European college students.
If you are currently studying any of the following subjects, the Challenge is for you:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Economy
  • Law
  • Communication
  • Design
  • Medicine
  • Etc.

Work instructions

To check carefully before beginning the project.

Platform access

Access to the platform teams to download.
(For teams registered).

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