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You will find below the type of information that the ACE is able to collect when you visit the website of the Student Aerospace Challenge, as well as the manner in which it will be used at a later date.

Passive collection of personal information.

Some of the personal information recorded on our server is information that you furnish voluntarily when you fill in online forms, while other information is collected automatically.

The ACE shall do everything in its power to improve its site on a regular basis. During your visit certain information can be collected automatically:

  • Your IP address: an IP address is allocated to your computer by your Internet access provider to enable you to access the Internet. This address is generally considered as information that cannot be used to identify the user because it changes each time that you connect.
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The ACE will only use the personal information for the purposes that have been indicated to you at the time that you furnish it. The personal information that you have furnished or that result from your browsing on the internet site is preserved for strictly internal use for the Student Aerospace Challenge. Personal information is not used for any commercial purposes and will not be transmitted to anyone for commercial purposes or for commercial prospecting.

Confidentiality measures

The ACE has installed dedicated resources that can be used to store personal information securely in order to avoid losses, alterations or thefts. The storage systems are only accessible by a limited number of authorized persons.

Access to personal information

In accordance with Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 concerning data processing, files and freedom, if you so request, and regardless of the time of your request, the ACE will delete or modify the personal information that you have furnished it. If you wish to access, modify or correct personal information or to request its deletion, please send your request by mail to:

Défi Aérospatial Etudiant
Astronaute Club Europeen
Aéroclub de France
6, rue Galilée
75782 Paris cedex 16



The website of the Student Aerospace Challenge was created and developed by IDCOMM for the graphic parts and development.



Image Source - Mourad Cherfi - Photo-Service - Dassault Aviation - Fotolia.

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